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10 January 2014
The Start of a New Year!
With the start of the new year, Forest Spirit has many new things to bring you! Apex predators can now be played and start groups, called Tribes, on their own! What else? Of the Month Voting is now open to all who wish to vote! Unfortunately, with the new year the site lost an amazing member. Kent Laiton, our former Head Admin, is stepping down from staff. The Mods and Helpers will be running the site in his stead. We'll miss you Kent!

4 August 2013
Creative Spirits Contest
The voting has begun for the Creative Spirits Contest and the winners should be announced soon. Kent will try to make sketches of the participated characters as prizes but if that doesn't work then everyone will get bigger rewards instead.

4 August 2013
Become a Helper!
We are looking for people who have been part of the site for at least two months who are willing to help with various tasks on the forum. See the Staff sidebar for more information!

22 March 2013
Birthday Bash
Starting today we will celebrate Forest Spirit's second birthday!
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10 February 2013
The Guidebook

The rules of the site have been reorganized and we now have a Guidebook of four chapters for our new members to read. We hope this makes everything a bit easier if you are new to the forum.
Please give us your thoughts on it so we can improve the Guidebook.
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16 January 2013
ProBoards Version 5 Upgrade

Forest Spirit has been upgraded to the new v5!
There are a few downsides and upsides, but I hope you all like the new version 5 and will get used to it eventually. It took months of hard work to let the forum look as much as possible as how it had been before and except for a few flaws it is fairly finished.
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4 January 2013
Big Five Tournament Guidebook

Welcome to the Big Five Tournament, where we will have not one, but five winners!
The tournament itself will be held in the Battle Field with plenty of trees, sunlight and bodies of water around. Any canine, feline and prey animal character is allowed to join.
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Offline Forest Spirit

Roleplay as anything you want, however you want!
You can write as short or long posts as you like, request any roleplay area for free and you are not required to make a biography or separate account. It can be a nice break from the regular roleplays to roleplay in this board!


Fantasy, Active and Freedom
A Roleplaying Forum with a slight Spiritual Twist

Enter the lands of Forest Spirit, where the canines and felines face each other either in the good or the bad way. Prey animals begun to play an important role as well. Years ago, a mysterious Virus infected the areas and the animals themselves, granting many of them with mutated appearances or a hatred for the opposite species.

Some however, are not mutated or do not hate the species their kind hates. A few outcasts are searching for peace between the two species. There are also different animal groups led by canines, felines and prey, all with their different alignments and opinions.
What will you do? The choice is completely up to your imaginations and what your heart desires...

Forest Spirit is an unique roleplaying forum. We accept roleplayers of any level from beginner to advanced, and our staff team and members will gladly help out those who are new to the world of roleplaying. We have a required word count of 150 words although we do not mind if it is shorter now and then, as long as your posts are 150 words long on average. You may create a fantasy-like canine or feline, or a more realistic character if that is more your thing. A few extra options we have is that members may also roleplay as prey animal characters. These can be used for the purpose of being hunted on, but that doesn't mean the lives of prey animal characters will last short, for they may live in different threads as long as you'd like. In the Offline Forest Spirit board, members may even roleplay as any kind of species they want and let different species interact with each other. This board is separated from the plot and has no set word count at all, so it also could be used for small roleplays.

In our Shop, members can buy various special abilities and other items with their earned Spirit Emeralds. You can enhance your character or even request your own forum skin, and if you cannot find what you are looking for you may always suggest your ideas.

Have no roleplaying to do? Come and check out our Competitions and Events board, which haves many fun joinable events going on made for our members. Display your artwork and written works in the Artwork board, or if you have problems share them with us in the Howl and Roar board and we will try to help you. We even have The Spiritual World board for those who like to speak about their religion, Totem Animals and Soul-Selves. The last three of these boards are hidden from guests.
Every month, winners will be chosen out of six different Of The Month categories which let our members shine and win prizes. These votes are decided by the staff team so it is always a surprise who will win!

Furthermore we have many skins members can choose from to make them feel more comfortable in case there are colors they don't like. There are handy guides available to get started on the site, about roleplaying, writing in general and the realistic behavior of canines, felines and prey. Our staff team and members are friendly, active and very helpful. We will make sure you will get a warm welcome when you join and questions may always be asked when help is needed.
So what are you waiting for? Come and take a look if you are interested.

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